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NARLIGHT has focused on the goal of becoming the leader of the lighting industry by combining mechanical, electronic, optical and design experience acquired over many years with its unremittingly ongoing research and development activities. Its expert engineers and research teams constantly develop innovative products and manufacturing methods, and secure these innovations by patent. It maintains its daily activities based on quality management systems and has international certifications


NARLIGHT branded products are aesthetic, easy to setup, economical and guarantee long time operation. They are the products that are sensitive to human health and intended to be used without harming the environment. Product groups are all recyclable.


NARLIGHT produces targeted solutions with the team of skilled work in the field through information and technological tools that will provide maximum benefit on the formation of projects with demands from architects, project managers, lighting designers, public institutions and other customers. With its expert engineer team and technical knowledge, it guarantees that even the most difficult areas of work are applied professionally and efficiently


Thanks to laboratories equipped with modern equipment and R&D studies, we are able to measure and improve the quality of our products and offer fast and flexible solutions to market needs


NARLIGHT uses LED material, safety-isolated, and high-eff ciency drivers, which ensure high-quality long-term effective use in products. It uses optics made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) with increased temperature resistance. The bodies of the lighting fixtures are manufactured from anodized high-quality aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum injection castings. While the anodising process provides a decorative quality, it protects the armature from abrasive and negative external factors such as acid rain, sea water, UV radiation, salt. In addition to aesthetics, it improves heat distribution through thermal radiation, makes the LED operating temperature low and makes it long lasting. The heat conduction, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, light distribution and photometric properties of LEDs used in products are continuously analyzed. As a result of all these, full control is established over the manufacturing processes from raw material to final product. At the same time, these analyses enable us to besure of the high quality and reliability of the finished product.


Besides its standard products, Narlight offers customized product design services in areas with historical elements enriched for centuries through years of experience and knowledge. Cities, areas, parks and squares are non-identical entities and it is necessary to produce different solutions. Each place has its own past, its own identity. For this reason, NARLIGHT helps you to find bright ideas with suggestions for your projects that are suitable for needs of people and the environment.


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