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   Why Smart Lighting?

Park Garden and Street Lights are an indispensable part of every city. It provides safety and security to citizens and businesses. However, if we use our park garden and street lighting luminaires more intelligently than the simple on-off system that exists now, significant advantages such as high level security, high efficiency, saving and environmental awareness can be provided. It also allows us to produce real-time data that will contribute to our city planning


Energy Efficiency

High energy saving LED luminaires reduce the carbon footprint and the energy costs we need


 Image Detection

By transmitting the image taken via CCTV and cameras to a certain station, it is possible to obtain important data in terms of public safety

     Motion Detection

Motion sensors allow us to monitor the flow of traffic. This generates important data to help with traffic flow planning


 Air Pollution Detection

The air pollution monitoring module can be integrated into park garden and street lighting luminaires. It produces up-to-date and accurate data on the city in terms of reducing city pollution


 WIFI Service

A smart park garden and street lighting fixture allows a limited WiFi connection for use by citizens, for vital city services.



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